Hopes on moving to France in a few years… After college and studying abroad.

I really want to move to France. I really do. I actually have wanted to do so since I was very little. I know I’m still little– I’m only sixteen. But still, I have a pretty good idea to what I want to do. I want to get a major in graphic design and a minor in illustration. I want to work with companies. I also enjoy writing and playing my clarinet, but those could be side gigs.
    I know I need to get a work vista in order to work internationally, and I can’t just move to a foreign country. I mean, yeah, there’s the whole packing-moving-then-unpacking ordeal, but to another country? I have to live there for like 7 years to become a citizen, and I really need to make my French perfect in order to get hired. My French teacher told me to study abroad my junior or senior year and that I could work part-time while I’m there. I think that maybe I’d contact a few graphic design business there while I’m at it and see if maybe they’d give me an internship once I move there to really prove myself. People love free help!
    I’m studying up on the culture and media as well as I can. I have already learned a few things:
1.) Smiling in France to a stranger means you want to get to know them, whereas here, it’s just a means of being friendly.
2.) Dancing in clubs there is different than here. Here, the women are whores and men are frisky. In France, you only um uh… rub… up on another person if you want to have sex with them. It’s like a mating call.
3.) American women have a reputation for being sluts in Paris.
    I don’t want to be an obsessive Parisian. You know– one of those Americans that think Paris is France in entirety. I want to live maybe in a suburb outside of a the city. If Paris is the only place I can get a graphic design job, then so be it. I’ll live in a house 45 minutes or an hour away from the city. I don’t really want to live in Paris. If I can live AND work somewhere else, then I’ll take it! But maybe it’d be nice to work in Paris. I don’t mind driving an hour.
    Oh well. I don’t feel like writing on the subject anymore. I sound like a normal, typical teenage girl with fantasies. Which is not the case. But right now my writing really sucks so I’ll just leave you be, I guess. Oh, and I’m going to start posting again. Soon. Frequently. So… SUBSCRIBE!!!!!


^Do it or Agnes stays upset!


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