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Painting By Countries… in Love with Art and Our Wonderful World! (via Infinity + some + 2)


Painting By Countries... in Love with Art and Our Wonderful World! As I said before in this blog, I have started a new project, called Painting by Countries. My aim is to exhibit on that platform as many paintings from around the world (scapes, towns,  nature, people, folklore) as possible, the challenge being to gradually cover the globe with paintings, according to the motto: “Around the world in Arty days” is a site for artists and art lovers, run by an artist. I would love to invite p … Read More

via Infinity + some + 2

I’m not sure what type of blog I should make this into…

I don’t know if I should make this a blog completely dedicated to my band/clarinet/loser life, or if I should just make it a place where I can muuuuuuse. I’m not interesting. Nor am I funny (friends disagree). I guess I could just post whatever I want though… Hmm… I doubt anyone would actually read it though heh. And I can’t seem to find an easier way to subscribe to others, gaaar!

Cool desktops from my computer… I’m obviously bored!!

I’ve only had this computer since Christmas but I have already figured how to mess with it. Mehhh heh heh :p

Cute things

Trippy Asians!

trippy evilness

Trippy Land

trippy laughing babies

trippy mountains

And my favorite……..

Trippy Turtle

WordPress > Tumblr

Tumblr is so full of whiny teenagers who just post pictures of drugs and stupid quotes and the like. It was fun for a while but I really really really want something better. I like WordPress because it has so many actually interesting things on it. It’s so much more fun. I like reading people’s blogs and whatnot, so I feel like I’m more comfortable being subscribed to a bunch of adults posting about work, TV, family life, parenthood, cars, music, food, entertainment, illustrations, rather than 13 year olds posting random pictures from thrilld and weheartit. I enjoy ranting and reading others’, and this is not so much of a private blog. I’m really excited to get started(: 

me before braces^This is me about two years ago (on the dot actually) before braces and short hair. I’m just posting it ‘cause I can’t figure out how to change my little WordPress icon x_______x Aaaaaaahnnoyiiiiiiiiiiiing…

Glad it’s the weekend…

Although I have mcuh to do these two days, I am glad to be taking a much needed rest. The next two weeks will be hectic, why with auditions for band on Monday, a bunch of review work for midterms, and finding out whether or not I’m going to states for DECA on Friday, I’m not gonna have time to rest. And then the next week is midterms… 😥 Oh well. I’m jusst going to chill in the meanwhile.

Hello world!

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